About Zhitomir City

About Zhitomir CityZhitomir city is located on the banks of Teteriv River in the North of the Western part of Ukraine. The name of the city comes from the two words ‘zhito’, meaning rye and ‘mir’, meaning peace. This combination reflects the nature of the people, living in the city, the people striving for peaceful life and being not afraid to work. The emblem of Zhitomir city has an open city gate on it symbolizing the concept of peace and consent. Zhitomir is an ancient city that was founded in A.D. 884. The legends say that the name of the city comes from the nature f its people working to produce bread and leading a peaceful life style. In 945 the city was upraised in Kiev Rus; the new status lead to the growth and development of Zhitomir. New brick and stone buildings appeared in the city as well as educational and cultural institutions.

Zhitomir is an administrative center of Zhitomir Oblast (province). Zhitomir consists of two districts, known as raions in Ukraine: the Koroliovskyi raion and the Bohunskyi raion. The city occupies the territory of 25 sq miles and has population of around 300 000 people.

Today the city represents a major transportation hub; it links Warsaw with Kiev, Izmail and Minsk and also some major cities of Ukraine. Economic activities of Zhitomir that are of high importance for Ukraine are granite quarrying, food processing, lumber milling, metalworking and the manufacture of the musical instruments.

Zhitomir Oblast is the main center of Polish minority on the territory of Ukraine. The large Roman-Catholic Ploish cemetery that was founded in 1800 is situated here.

Zhitomir is a picturesque city as it lies in unique natural setting – surrounded on all parts by the ancient forests. Teteriv, Kroshenka, Putiatynka and Kamianka are the rivers that flow here. There are a lot of parks and city squares in Zhitomir.

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