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I came to the site in January this year. Marina registered later. Both of us were divorced. The only difference is that I had been divorced almost 4 years, and she – only a year.

Of course, she was very grieved when her world collapsed, which had being created more than one year. And I was just really tired of being alone. Alone to deal with all the problems, I found Marina’s profile and among Russian brides pictures and immediately liked it.

I was intrigued by the brevity, directness and lack of sample questions. I started messaging with Marina, in a week on 22 January we first phoned, and spoke for more than 2 hours, like real friends. January 24 we met and realized that we would never be apart.

Then we met and already almost half a year live together. We are very happy! Now we are husband and wife, and happiness fills us! Thank you for what connect lonely hearts halves! Thank you very much for the filling our hearts with happiness!

While searching my future wife I found very useful information about the men’s view on women. And it helped me a lot.  That’s why I would like to share it with you.

Actually, the first treatment of a woman, men gets through relations with the mother. He even doesn’t realize those things. But he is searching for future wife, who will remind him the mother. But to this statement it is important to add some key points, which usually stay unnoticed. To tell the truth, the man doesn’t look the woman, who will have the same appearance or character like his mom. He tries to find someone, with whom he will feel complete sense of love and peace, like in childhood with his mother.

Actually since early age, man treats all the ladies in the same way. He tries to find someone who will love and take care of him hours a day. Sometimes a man is really dependent of the woman. That’s why for him, mother and wife are equal almost in all aspects, except sexual one. But if the man has a sister, he can develop really different way of woman’s treatment.

The most common symptoms of improper upbringing are:

  • the man’s obedience to his woman,ru
  • dependence on the lady,
  •  the fear of woman’s displeasure.

This is evident exactly after the first date. After some time, when the relationship enters a stable track, another characteristic problem appears. This is the loss or significant reduction of man’s sexual interest to his girlfriend.

If you do not want to make such a mistake, you need to remember the following things:

  • Show her how much you love her. You can do this in different ways, gratuitously kissing,  you can cook a lot of thing that she wants, make her feel loved.
  • Change yourself and change the live around. Be unpredictable. Even if a woman likes you and is satisfied with your relationships and your life, try to change some routine elements of your life! Arrange unexpected visits, present gifts, engage her in some interesting things together, it will help her to be happy with you. Do not be inexorably predictable.
  • Do not abuse her and give her some freedom. If she wants to spend time with her friends, don’t forbid her. It is better to let her have fun for couple of hours.

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